How to make solar power a part of our daily lives?


Have you imagined a place where everything runs from the energy generated from the Sun? That place would be truly peaceful without any power shortages, electricity would be free of cost and air would be free from impurities. Science has made this dream come true. After years and years of research and development, we can now use sunlight to light up our house. The energy is popularly known as solar energy. It is cheaper than the traditional form of electricity and also, it doesn’t pollute the environment.


Solar Power can be utilized through 2 different routes:

  1. Solar Thermal Route uses the sun’s heat energy to heat water or air, cook food,
  2. Solar Electric Route uses the sun’s light energy to produce electricity for the lighting home and running electrical appliances.

Advantages of Solar Power:

  • It is available in abundance.
  • It is a renewable form of energy.
  • It is free from pollution.
  • It is cost-efficient.
  • Many options are available for utilization of solar power depending on its application

When it comes to the proficiency of solar energy, it is used everywhere for supplying power to the homes, powering cars and even home appliances. In the factory, it has replaced fossil fuels like coal and oil. Here are 5 everyday uses of the Solar Power:

  1. SOLAR TRANSPORTATION: It is the most innovative way of making the earth pollution free. Vehicles make a lot of pollution. All the vehicles and even roads can be powered by solar energy. And the plus point is that it is a renewable energy source. Slowly and steadily, the number of cars running on solar energy is increasing. Also, the concept of hybrid cars is on the rise which could be a game changer. Solar energy is gradually becoming popular in the world of transport. You will be surprised to know that racing competitions around solar energy are gaining international popularity and draws in large crowds. If people start using solar-powered vehicles, the world will be pollution free.
  2. SOLAR CHARGING: Almost everything, nowadays, works on battery. We are in the era of technology i.e. mobile phones, smart watches, tablets have become an important part of our life. When the battery of a device dies, then finding a charger can be tiresome and also it is not always feasible to carry a power bank around all the time. Technology has enabled us to use sunlight to juice up our devices. Imagine leaving the house with a phone without charge in it. It wouldn’t matter if you carry a portable solar charger. There are many solar powered portable chargers in the market like the Fuse 6W, Solar Tab, JOOS Orange and so on. So now you know what to do if you are stuck somewhere and your phone is dead.
  3. SOLAR HEATING: Many people worry that heaters and geysers add a lot to their electricity bills. Installing a solar power system can help them get rid of this problem. It has the potential to significantly lower your electricity bill. Solar panels absorb the sun rays convert it into the thermal energy by using air and liquid as the medium. There are many solar appliances that work on thermal energy, including, Solar water heaters, heated pools, hot tubs, washing machines, solar showers, etc. It can also be used for agricultural purposes. Solar energy is clean and doesn’t emit CO2 into the environment.
  4. SOLAR LIGHTING: Solar lights are the cheapest way to reduce the electricity bill. Solar lights collect sunlight during the day, convert them into electricity and light up our houses in the night. Though solar light and solar panels are 2 different things, they work on the same mechanism. They are cost effective and reduce your electricity bill. Solar lighting has become very popular nowadays because of the same reason. You will be able to find solar lights easily on the internet.
  5. SOLAR ELECTRICITY: Have you ever imagined not paying the electricity bill and still being able to use every electrical appliance? Yes, solar power has made it real. It has become a source of daily electricity. In metro cities, PV panels installed on the roof of buildings generate electricity from the sun. This energy can also be used to power computers, machines, lights and home appliances all at the same time.


Solar power is a renewable and one of the cleanest forms of energy and doesn’t pollute the environment. It simply converts the sunlight into electricity. The energy form is light on the pocket and provides you with the exact same utility as any other energy source. You can use it for charging batteries, heating, transportation, lighting, and so on and so forth. Using solar power will be a big step toward a better future.

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