Should Factories Invest in Solar Panels?


Ever since the Industrial Revolution, factories across the world have been the biggest consumers of energy. Today, businesses are slowly but steadily learning the benefits of using a renewable and clean energy source such as solar power to reduce dependence on traditional sources and cut costs at the same time. Irrespective of their line of business or size of operations, factories are now making big moves to reduce their energy bills by installing solar panels.


Benefits of Solar Panels for Commercial Operations

When they were first introduced, solar panels and systems were a costly proposition. However, there has been a dramatic decline in prices of solar panels and equipment due to technological advancements. Today, solar energy has become the cheapest source of energy, ahead of its fossil fuel and wind counterparts.

Every profit-oriented enterprise today is keen to enhance productivity and this obviously translates into a surge in energy consumption. It also means that manufacturers are left to pay higher overheads that eventually bite into profits. There is no denying the fact that the future will see solar panels and technologies become more sophisticated and there is every reason for manufacturers to reap the benefits of the cost-cutting advantages that accompany commercial solar panel installations on a large scale.

One of the biggest advantages of solar panels for commercial applications such as manufacturing plants and corporate offices is that a significant part of energy use happens during the day. The solar panels and associated systems will be at peak production when energy use at a factory is at its peak. The fact that most manufacturing companies are generally located in industrial parks and areas at a huge distance from the clusters of skyscrapers means they can easily avoid massive structures that create shade and loom over solar panels goes in their favor. Moreover, manufacturing companies usually operate out of large plants with sizeable roofs that are ideal to set up a large number of solar panels, preferably facing the south direction so that exposure to sunlight is maximum.

Things to Keep in Mind When Investing in Solar Panels

  • Research: It is extremely important to perform a detailed research to identify the best and most affordable solar panels. Furthermore, it is worth noting that local and smaller installers should also be considered as they usually provide cheaper yet quality solar panels as against the expensive solar panels offered by the bigger national brands. This is simply because the bigger companies have tips for solar shoppers since they rely more on advertising and marketing as compared to local installers that depend more on word of mouth to gain business opportunities.
  • Comparison shopping: Every factory looking to purchase a solar panel can benefit by obtaining more quotes as comparison shopping drives down prices of almost every installer. Remember, shopping around has its own benefits and value. Moreover, it will also help you gain great insights and a clear and complete understanding of the prevailing market and price trends to help you make an informed purchase decision.

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