4 Points to Keep in Mind Before Switching to Solar


They say, “live like there’s no tomorrow,” and it seems like the world has taken this advice to heart. Energy consumption across the world has been consistently increasing, producing massive waste and emissions that the generations to come will have to deal with. You know better than to consume like tomorrow does not exist and are willing to make a tangible change, but where do you start?

Solar, wind and hydro are the main players in sustainable energy, but it is highly unlikely you live near a river or a stream, or along a windy coast. The sun, however, is the most abundant source of untapped energy in our warm climate. Solar energy is the go-to answer for many like-minded individuals who share your concern for the environment and want to sustain their lives in an environmentally friendly manner. With technological leaps being made by companies such as Tesla with their solar panels and off-grid energy systems, the future of solar as a source of energy shines brightly. But, before you make the switch, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Location

Your location is the most important factor in determining whether solar would be the right fit for you. The more sunshine you get on your panels, the more energy they will generate. If your location does not allow for much sunlight, you may need to install additional panels to keep up with your energy usage. Along with your geographic location, the orientation of your home plays a big role in sunlight reception. Above the equator, roofs facing south, south-west and south-east directions produce the most energy. Also, make sure that no tall objects cast shadows on your panels, which could hinder energy production.

  1. Review Energy Usage

Before you decide on the size and number of panels you get, you need to be sure whether they can accommodate your past energy consumption. While it is wise to be more conscious of your energy usage and be more conservative in your requirements, analyzing the past year’s energy bills will help you gauge how your consumption varies across the seasons and you can make a more informed decision. You may realize that the size of your roof is limited in its capacity to provide the right amount of energy, or even that your energy requirements are low enough to allow you to downsize.

  1. City Rules

Laws regarding the installation of solar panels differ from city to city. You may need certain permits before you install a solar energy system. These permits may take months to be approved, so it is essential to do the research ahead of time to smoothen the process of making the switch.

  1. Change in Mindset

When you choose to go solar, your lifestyle changes dramatically. You cannot live the same way you lived before and it takes time to adjust to your new way of life. You need to change your mindset and rearrange your priorities. This will affect all areas of your life and you need to be ready to make that change.

If you have the money and the conviction to live in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way, solar seems to be the way to go. As more and more companies invest their R&D in the sustainable energy industry, it is becoming easier to make the switch. Keeping the above considerations in mind, you can make the change and influence the people around you to create a better tomorrow.

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